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The Saint Christopher of modern times, successful mission with 3D.

The Saint Christopher of modern times, successful mission with 3D.
31 August 2020 admin

Father Dauchy established the cult of Saint Christophe in the parish of La Briquette in 1929. A stained glass window, an altar and a statue are installed in the church to make a dedicated devotional space.

In the early 2000s, the statue was installed on the forecourt to be visible to the many motorists passing by on the avenue, but since it is in plaster and risks being quickly damaged in the weather, a plexiglass protection is then installed. Unfortunately the plexiglass deteriorates quickly, it yellows to the point of no longer distinguishing the statue.

The parish animation team and the real estate council then decided to install a new oratory with a 70 cm statue suitable for the exterior. The statues of Saint Christopher in stone, in cement stone or resin molding are rare and very expensive (over 1500 euros). The solution will be 3 D printing, a new technology that costs 3 times less and allows the size to be adjusted as desired.

You still have to find an original statue that will serve as a model! Our choice is an old wooden statue which sits high in a niche of the restaurant “Le Saint Christophe” at La Sentinelle. The owner of the restaurant, very friendly, lends it to us in order to perform a 3D computer scan in the 3 DFT-LAB company in Bailleul.

From this computer modeling, 3 D printing is launched and, in a few hours, Saint Christophe appears to consist of successive thin layers of plastic. Some surface treatments give a nice “Granite” finish.

The statue is presented and blessed after the Mass of Saint Christopher in June 2019. Now, it remains to give it a shelter in the square of the church.

The parish is addressing Mr. Fabien Thiémé, mayor of Marly, who is happy to involve the city’s technical services in building this new building which will embellish Avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier. The parish gives the plans for the oratory project to the municipal workshops, and Mr. Mathorel, who had already made the chapel of Notre Dame de Macourt, patron saint of the city, is responsible for making the metal framework of the oratory during the period. winter hollow. The roof is covered with beautiful small natural slates donated by the roofing company Ruelle in Thivencelles.

The installation takes place on June 18, a plaque with the motto “Look at Saint Christopher and go reassured” completes the installation.

Sunday June 28, after mass, the oratory is inaugurated and blessed by Father Bertrand Estiennes, followed by the blessing of around 150 vehicles.

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